Time Tested Decks

Decks That Stand the Test of Time

Our decks are built to last. Our decks are among the strongest and stiffest in the industry. Our custom vacuum infusion process creates the optimal resin-to-glass ratio, and all deck hardware is mounted through solid glass laminate with appropriate FRP or aluminum backing plates. This provides a deck that is stronger, stiffer and easier to maintain.

Built-In Longevity

Our deck construction technique offers major benefits: decks of exceptional strength, stiffness and durability. This is the result of a 30% resin to 70% glass ratio, rather than the 70% resin to 30% glass used in many of our competitor’s deck construction processes. In this closed-mold system, fabric and treated balsa cores are cut and laid dry in the mold at one time. Then the vacuum bag is applied over the laminate and air is evacuated to achieve one atmosphere of vacuum pressure. Resin feed lines are opened and atmospheric pressure forces the catalyzed resin into the laminates, completely saturating the dry glass and balsa cores.

Constantly Superior

The consistently high glass-to-resin ratio produces very high physical properties of stiffness and strength. Eliminated are the inconsistencies of labor-intensive hand lay-up that’s dependent on the individual laminator’s skills and it does away with air entrapment and void problems that can compromise durability.

There are no voids that can fill with water, no paths for potential water migration through the core which is extremely important to boat owners who install aftermarket deck hardware and canvas goods. Owners also enjoy decks and cockpit soles that deflect substantially less under load and won’t crush under localized impacts.

Practical Elegance

Tartan’s Legacy Yachts are known for using only the finest hardware and components in finishing its decks. All hardware and components are mounted to the deck through solid laminate with stainless fasteners that are drilled and tapped into laminated-in-place aluminum backing plates. All hatches and ports are likewise installed through solid laminate. In areas where hardware is not affixed, select sealed coring is used to create a stiffer, lighter deck structure. The resulting weight savings in our decks provides a lower center of gravity, increased stability and easier motion at sea, along with that distinctive appearance of quality and value that is so uniquely Legacy.

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