The Legacy Advantage

Some Marriages are Just Meant to Be...

Legacy motor yachts and Tartan Yachts are just such a marriage. The courtship between Legacy and Tartan Yachts began many years ago, and has culminated in the recent launch of Legacy Yachts.

The first Legacy powerboats were launched in the early 1990’s by sailboat builder Freedom Yachts. These Mark Ellis designs embraced traditional styling, coupled with carefully crafted hull designs that offered great sea keeping abilities, good handling and low speed planing for superior fuel efficiencies. United with Freedom as the builder, long recognized for their innovation and build quality, a new breed of practical and well-built traditional motor yacht was launched.schedule-icon

Fast forward to today….Tartan’s high tech composites, renowned hand crafted interiors and commitment to delivering great performing yachts is being applied to the new line of Legacy. Tartan engineers have pioneered and perfected the use of advanced composite lamination technology. The Legacy line is fit with the best components and engines available in the industry. This combination provides Legacy with hulls and decks of uncompromised strength, intelligent weight savings, and years of reliable performance and low maintenance, but it’s the elegant hand crafted woodwork that really stands out. Tartan’s well deserved heritage of building some of the finest interiors in the industry take Legacy to a new level.

The 32 and 42 continue the design relationship with Mark Ellis, and are excellent examples of the same guiding principle that has guided Tartan sailboat design for over 50 years. Wholesome, traditional and timeless designs that exhibit superior handling and performance.

Yes, some marriages are meant to be…Legacy Yachts.

Tartan Yachts at The 2015 Mid-America Boat Show

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