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The Legacy 42 IPS pairs the latest drive systems with a proven hull shape, and advanced marine composites, all packaged in an elegantly traditional motor yacht. The result is a yacht that gives her crew maximum comfort underway providing a stable platform.



The IPS Advantage

Even the most devoted boaters occasionally wish for more speed from their boats, maybe a little less noise and certainly better fuel economy. And in a crowded marina on a windy day, backing down into tight slip, who hasn’t wished for an edge in the maneuverability department? Now you can expect this and more with the car-like handling of the Legacy 42 IPS.

42-performance-iconThe complete, integrated Volvo Penta IPS (Inboard Performance System) includes twin Volvo diesel engines; steerable drive pods; twin counter rotating, forward facing propellers; through the drive water and exhausts; electronic steering system; shift and throttle. And a joystick that makes driving a joy.

These components can deliver up to 20% higher top speed that an inboard shaft driven boat, 50% perceived sound level, 30% reduced fuel consumption and almost unimaginable handling in close quarters.

Translation; more fun, more confidence at the helm, fewer trips to the fuel dock.

IPS 400 (Twin 310 HP)

Performance Data | Legacy 42 IPS 400 (Twin 310 HP)

  • 3150 RPMS at cruise
  • 28.7 knots cruise speed
  • 19.5 gallon fuel burn at cruise
  • 29.5 knots top speed
  • 601 nautical mile range at cruise

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