Innovative Design and Hand-crafted Construction

Tartan’s Legacy Yachts was founded upon a philosophy of innovative design and handcrafted construction. This philosophy has been the driving force behind our commitment to develop and utilize the most advanced construction techniques and technology available. Our hulls are some of the stiffest, most stable and long lasting in the industry offering superior longevity and stability.

Advanced Materials

In constructing our hull laminates, we begin by using the most advanced materials available in the marine industry today. The combination of unidirectional E-glass, synthetic structural foam coring and epoxy modified vinylester resin produces the strongest and most impact resistant laminate in the marine industry. Our hulls are resin Infused under vacuum to ensure an optimal low-resin, high fiber content. This process consolidates the laminate into a void free matrix and produces the optimum strength to weight ratio in a composite laminate.

Unrivaled Strength

Few, if any other hulls in the industry can match the strength and impact resistance of a Tartan/Legacy-built yacht. Just as the introduction of polyester fiberglass laminates replaced wood yacht construction in the early 1960’s, Infused epoxy modified vinylester laminate now makes those earlier lamination techniques obsolete. We use epoxy modified vinylester resin in our laminating process. The other builders use polyester resins, which simply cannot achieve the strength, stiffness and osmotic resistance of our hulls. While our resin is more expensive than polyester resin, there is simply no other sensible choice in hull laminate construction.

Superior Appearance

Tartan’s Legacy hulls are built to be cosmetically superior and remain that way throughout their lifetime. Unlike polyester hulls, Tartan/Legacy-built hulls are built to last. Once polyester hulls are exposed to sunlight and temperature, they experience an uncontrolled post-curing process resulting in 7-8% resin shrinkage volumetrically. This creates roving and core print-through that is apparent in most polyester hulls. Tartan-built hulls do not experience this post-cure shrinkage and remain better looking for a longer period of time.

Structural Longevity

Our process optimizes the strength and longevity of the composite laminate. Our vacuum infused hull laminate is done in a single process with all components in place rather than bonding each layer separately like other builders. This produces a singular primary bond among the laminate components rather than the weaker multiple secondary bonds between cured laminate layers produced by traditional polyester construction.

We also use cross-linked PVC coring because cross-linked PVC provides superior stiffness and impact strength. Our process creates a laminate of far greater strength and stiffness that also maintains its physical properties through cyclic loading far beyond the abilities of conventional polyester laminate construction. Tartan’s hull building technology allows us to build hulls that are among the strongest in the industry.

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