Finest Interiors in the Industry

Simply Beautiful

The interior of a Legacy Yacht offers a quality and splendor that could rival any fine home. Look around. You won’t find any fake or man-made products. You won’t find any shortcuts. Instead, you will find solid cherry doors, teak flooring, and custom crafted and installed furniture and cabinetry. You will find interiors customized to your lifestyle and specifications. You will find spacious airy interiors where the air can really move. You will find out why Tartan’s Legacy interiors are entitled to be called the finest custom built interiors in the industry.

  • Interiors are custom built in house for each specific yacht. This results in improved fit and in additional customization options.
  • Pieces are CNC cut for accuracy.
  • Wood is bent in house for beautiful, continuous curves.
  • Yachts typically feature solid cherry interiors with hardwood cabin soles and solid teak handrails. Other hardwood combinations are available upon request.
  • No fake or man-made wood products are used. All wood is solid, high-quality, natural wood.

Picturesque, but Functional

During rough seas, you can rely on the varnished solid teak handrails. These handrails are strategically placed in the interior to permit safe movement throughout the cabin and up and down the companionway. Unlike other builders whose hard corners and sharp edges can leave you bruised when working below in a seaway, our corners and edges are smoothed and radiused. Vents are built into the top and bottom of each cabinet door for superior ventilation. Legacy’s exclusive design provides a distinguished appearance, befitting the finest custom yacht. Our yachts feature the intricate, inviting beauty of tongue and groove cherry on the cabin hull sides. Every interior drawer features a solid cherry wood face that is dovetailed to an all wood drawer. Not only is this a tribute to the level of attention to detail at Legacy, but it is also an indicator of the durability of a Tartan’s Legacy Yachts. While other builders rely on glues or tacks that will loosen or entirely separate over time, at Legacy, we have chosen a method that will withstand daily use and still last long into the future. Solid cherry passage doors are surrounded by cherry door jambs. Every passage door also showcases a Legacy trait – raised panels for a distinguished appearance. This may sound like a small detail, but when the appearance of a Legacy door is compared to other doors out there, the competition falls flat – literally. Tartan’s Legacy Yachts maintain their classic looks with polished chrome hardware accenting the solid wood doors. Passage doors feature polished chrome mortised door lock sets while cabinet doors utilize complementary polished chrome positive locks. By using the best, doors stay closed, even in uncooperative conditions, but all of your stored items are still easily accessible.

Light Weight, Low Maintenance

Beneath the beauty, the interiors are high tech. For our cabin sole, we utilize a thin wood layered over composite panels. This combination is simply genius. It showcases the fine appearance of the solid wood while decreases the weight substantially. Further, it provides strength and durability backed by composite panels that are impervious to water intrusion. As an added bonus, the wood is thick enough that it can be refinished to keep it looking like new for years to come.


The ventilation on Tartan’s Legacy Yacht is so good it’s a breath of fresh air. Ventilation is imperative to a positive experience down below on a yacht. At Legacy, our interiors are designed with air flow in mind. Each yacht features numerous openings to allow the air to flow. In fact, it is important to note that the hatches, ports and vents on a Legacy aren’t just any openings either. While our competitors sometimes opt for the base versions that promise optimum air flow and watertight closures, these low end varieties typically underperform. At Legacy, we don’t skimp as we understand the importance of air flow and the frustration of a leaky port. You’ll notice that our hatches and port lights are stainless steel, high quality, and functional for letting in the light and breeze. Our hatches are stainless steel, unlimited offshore, CE approved deck hatches. They can cross oceans or just make the interior a perfect sleeping temperature on a calm night at anchor. For further comfort, our hatches can be outfitted with low profile shade screens to keep the air flow going and the bugs firmly outside, or to keep the sun’s rays at bay while the hatch is closed. Legacy port lights, mounted in the cabin sides provide extra cross flow and air circulation in areas that cannot be fitted with hatches. It is a Legacy standard for all of these port lights to be opening, stainless steel ports, with fly screens installed. Ventilation isn’t just a buzz word for a Legacy, it is one of the guiding principles when designing and outfitting each Legacy Yacht, your on board comfort demands nothing less.

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