Building a Yacht | A Series by Tartan and Legacy Yachts

She’s not JUST a boat.

She’s an investment.
She’s an adventure.
She’s sunny days spent making life long memories with friends and family.
She’s a second home (or maybe home!).
She’s freedom.

Whatever your boat is to you, the fact is, she’s never been ‘just a boat,’ and Tartan and Legacy Yachts knows and understands just how important every boat is to each unique owner.

That’s why we build your boat using only the best materials and the best building practices and processes available. We know the importance of what we are creating for you, and want her to be everything you’ve ever imagined.

Follow us on a journey as we show you just how much love, care and, of course, expertise goes into the production of your Tartan or Legacy yacht. This series will take you step-by-step through the process that allows legendary craftsmanship to meet performance in every Tartan and Legacy yacht that leaves our Northeast Ohio facility.

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