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Over the years, we have found that Tartan and more recently Legacy owners are a bit different from many other boating enthusiasts. Most have many years of experience on the water and have owned several different boats and when it comes time to consider a new one, they generally have a well-developed idea of what is most important to them in a new boat. In our production line up, Tartan and Legacy yachts are very personalized to meet these individual desires, but of course this customization and personalization is bound by the constraints of existing models and deck and arrangement plans.

For some, the solution may be a custom build. TLC Yachts (Tartan, Legacy, Custom) and its design team have a number of custom designs in the early stages that have resulted from very specific requirements of experienced yachtsman and woman.


One particularly interesting design is a 55’ sloop developed using the well-proven and great performing Tartan 5300 hull.  One key element of the design brief is a full inside helm station.  The solution was to incorporate a deck house that provides great visibility with two forward facing captain’s chairs, one for the helmsman and a comfy chair and a half for the mate.  With full helm controls, steering, engine controls and electronics, regardless of the conditions, hot, cold, or inclement, the boat can be operated from the comfort of a light and airy, heated or air-conditioned space with room for guests to enjoy the ride.  Conversely, if it’s a perfect day, and you want to be at the helm of a thoroughbred sailing yacht, the aft cockpit with dual helms will be the place for you. She’ll reward all, with great sight lines for the helmsman and comfortable upholstered seating for guests and her crew.

Here’s a sneak peek (see attached/below):


For additional information on TLC’s custom division, contact Rob Fuller at robfuller@tartanyachts.com or Tim Jackett at tjackett@tartanyachts.com.

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