Legacy 42 | Design & Accommodations

Excitement to Match the Ride.

Legacy 42 Yacht BlueprintInside the yacht there is excitement to match the ride. There are four brilliant choices of layout and the impressive craftsmanship that Legacy is known for with the added touch of some Tartan build queues make for great accommodations. Your only challenge will be selecting the best layout that works for your style of cruising.



Extraordinary Quality

Legacy 42 Yacht BlueprintThe Legacy 42 hull and deck are built using all modified epoxy resins, uni-directional and bi-directional e-glass all sandwiched on synthetic coring. The carefully placed and locally reinforced laminate stack is infused under vacuum in one shot to build the lightest and strongest composite possible. In all areas where through hull fittings or hull penetrations are located the core is omitted and locally reinforced with a heavy solid glass laminate stack, further ensuring the longevity of the laminate.

You will note that the Legacy uses the very best systems and equipment.   From the innovative choice of the drive system to the windshield wipers and the hatch screens, we have outfitted the Legacy 42 with the most dependable names in the marine business, assuring you years of trouble free use.

Tartan’s hallmark; luxurious handcrafted cherry interiors, represent a further refinement of the Legacy presentation. Solid stock raised panel cherry doors, dovetailed drawers, exquisitely fit trims and solid stock Sapelle cabin floors will appeal to the most discerning yachtsman.

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