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32-performance-iconAn engine room is a funny place to start a tour of a boat, but one look at the engine room of the Legacy 32 and you’ll understand a lot about how Tartan builds the next generation of Legacy. Every fitting, every system, every installation is well thought out and carefully executed with the best equipment available. Little things like heat shrink, waterproof electrical connectors for a safer and more reliable electrical system.   And big things, like an efficient and durable electronic Cummins diesel.

If you are ready for a change to a better breed of boat, one that offers greater dependability, more peace and quiet, more comfort at anchor and underway, come aboard the new Legacy 32.



Performance Highlights

  • Legacy 32 BlueprintFrom the batteries to the panel the entire electrical system is the ultimate in dependability and convenience. Flip the switches and all the yacht’s systems and lights turn on as they would at home.
  • Semi rigid pressure water system with push to lock connectors means no leaks in your fresh water system.
  • The windshield wipers are top of the line Exalto with freshwater wash, auto park and variable speed.
  • Structural bulkheads are a composite laminate for higher strength with less weight, the result is a more rigid hull at lighter weight, improving speed and fuel efficiency.
  • There is a high capacity freshwater pump, an additional high water bilge pump with alarm, and auto bilge pumps for each bilge compartment and remote tank gauges, all in the interest of keeping your boat safe and trouble-free.
  • The boat’s shorepower system includes a galvanic isolator to protect against stray current and corrosion.
  • The engine room insulation has been molded in so not only is the Legacy 32 quiet, the engine room surfaces are easy to maintain.

380 HP Performance Data

Performance Data | 380 HP Cummins


Engine RPM Speed Kts 380 Horsepower Fuel Burn GPH 380
1500 8.3 3.00
1750 9.1 5.00
2000 10.3 7.00
2500 15.5 11.00
2750 18.5 13.00
3000 21.5 16.00
WOT 23.0 16.00

420 HP Performance Data

Performance Data | 420 HP Cummins


Engine RPM Speed Kts 420 Horsepower Fuel Burn GPH 420
1500 8.3 3.8
1750 9.5 6.6
2000 12.6 8.8
2500 17.2 13.1
2750 18.5 14.8
3000 24.0 20.4
WOT 25.4 21.3

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