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Tartan Legacy 36, Grande Duck off Newport RI.

The launch of a new boat and initial sea trials are always exciting events for a boat builder.  At Tartan, we’ve launched many new designs and experienced the thrill of that first hull touching the water for the first time many times, but this is the first for a new power boat.  Sail or power the thrill and anticipation are the same.

Legacy 36 01 saw open water for the first time in mid-June, her systems were tested and adjustments were made to meet performance expectations.  After a few weeks in her original home surroundings here on Lake Erie, 01 was shipped to Jamestown, RI for the final test runs and hand off to her new owner.  As with previous Legacy models the 36 performs well in a seaway thanks to her deep vee entry.  Her wide chines aft provide lift and help the 36 get on plane at low speeds increasing performance and offering greater fuel efficiency.  Those chines also provide a great deal of form stability at the dock or on a mooring.  WOT the 36 hit 26.5-27 knots, throttle back a bit to a cruise speed of 22-23 knots and enjoy a solid ride with great tracking ability.  Noise levels on the helm deck at cruise speeds were at a very pleasant 89-90 decibels.



Tartan Legacy 36, Grande Duck off Newport RI.

Just as on its Tartan sailboat line, Tartan’s Legacy 36 boasts some of the finest interior and helm deck joiner work in the industry.  Solid cherry doors, carefully fit trims and cabinetry are all expertly varnished with a two part highly durable satin finish providing a warm and inviting cabin.  Because the Legacy 36 is built with weight saving advanced marine composites, such as high strength uni-directional fabrics, synthetic coring and infused modified epoxy resin laminates, the 36 can provide the comfort of fine furnishings without compromising performance.

Performance and luxury are carefully blended in the Legacy 36, providing a power cruising yacht that excels in pampering her crew with comforts and rewarding them with exceptional performance and handling.


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