George Gulden Joins TLC Yachts, LLC Management Team

Gulden returns to what he loves to do best, build excellent yachts, after a 12-year hiatus

George Gulden has been named vice president of operations for TLC Yachts LLC, makers of Tartan and Legacy
Yachts, and AMP composites. Gulden has spent his life in and around boats and sailing. His passion for the
sport and the lifestyle along with his extensive experience in production management and deep Ohio roots
put him at the top of the list of candidates for this newly created position. “We look forward to fantastic
results from George,” said Rob Fuller, managing partner of TLC. “He knows boat building, and also brings
ideas and strategies from his other work experience. He’ll be a great fit and welcome resource as TLC
continues to grow.” TLC Yachts designer and partner, Tim Jackett, worked with Gulden during his first stint at
the company. “George has always been a passionate supporter of Tartan. I am pleased we’ve been able to
bring him back aboard with the focus of streamlining production among the three brands, Tartan, Legacy,
and AMP. He will fast become an integral part of our growth and success.”

Here’s George in his own words:
I caught the sailing bug in 1975 when my dad bought a Ranger 29 which we successfully campaigned for over
two decades on Lake Erie. While still a little kid, my favorite hobby was filling out the cards in the back of SAIL
magazine to order various sailboat brochures. I didn’t know it at first but that triggered every dealer in the
area to call the house looking to sell us a boat! I would sift through the buyer’s guides and brochures
memorizing the critical dimensions of every model. By the age of twelve I was able to identify nearly every
sailboat I saw on the water and recite its dimensions. It was around this time that I went on a tour of the
Tartan factory in Grand River, Ohio, to watch the first of the Tartan Ten’s roll off the assembly line. This one
visit initiated the drive and passion I have today.

Beyond family sailing and racing I worked on various race boats maintaining and delivering them to races
near and far. In my late teens I took a job at Shore Sails to learn the art of sail making and eventually started
my own sail making shop a few years later. Ultimately that shop expanded to encompass boat repair and
brokerage. During this time I put myself through college and earned a BBA in Operations Management at
Cleveland State University.

In 1997 I was hired by Tartan to sell boats and anchor the customer service department. After a few years I
was tasked with transitioning the lamination department from hand lay-up to resin infusion a process that
allowed us to truly control the resin to glass reinforcement ratio that is key to building the best hulls and
decks. I found this to be very rewarding and it’s essentially the same process we use today.

It seems that all good things do come to an end or at least a pause. In the years since I left Tartan I pursued a
career in the steel fabrication industry where my first project was managing the armor production for MRAP
vehicles for the second Iraq war. This proved to be very satisfying as it was saving lives on the battlefield. I
was also involved with some projects delivering directly into the theater of war. After these ended I produced
crane booms for major crane companies as well as parts for the commercial passenger rail industry.

Turns out that the project management skills I developed during my 12 years away from boat building and
the unending allure of building the best quality yachts in the market have brought me back to what in my
heart of hearts is where I belong. I look forward to many years building Tartan Yachts, Legacy Yachts, and
AMP composite masts, booms, and more. I’m excited for what the future holds and happy to be home.

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