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Tartan Legacy 36, Grande Duck off Newport RI.

Jamestown Harbor looked like a watercolor painting. Hundreds of sail- and powerboats bobbed lazily on their moorings, a lone jogger prodding along Conanicus Avenue was the first sign of life I saw.

Residents were walking up Narragansett Avenue past the still shuttered Jamestown Hardware to get on line for coffee and breakfast at Taste of Heaven, a local favorite with a menu that lives up to the name. The late-summer air was warm, yet crisp. Nursing a cup of coffee, I strolled past the boutiques, the ice cream shop, and a photo gallery. There are no big-box stores or chains in Jamestown and that’s how people like it. Simple. Quiet. Satisfying. Those were the adjectives that came to mind as I took a final swig from my coffee and set forth for Conanicut Marina and the Legacy 36 I was scheduled to test.

She was an easy boat to find. Tugging at dew-soaked lines she was a handsome Down East yacht with a teak-capped, sweeping sheerline. Stepping easily through a gunwale door I shook the hands of Legacy COO and Chief Designer Tim Jackett and proud new owner Vah Erdekian; small talk ensued until Erdekian eagerly jumped at the chance to show off his new pride and joy. Through a sliding glass door I followed him into a saloon that immediately makes you feel as if you’d just stepped aboard an exceptionally bright sailboat (not a coincidence as Legacy’s parent company, Tartan, is a world-class sailboat builder). Everywhere you look in the saloon you’ll find smart, salty design elements like a sturdy teak searail running fore and aft throughout the entire space, decorative teak battens crossing the headliner athwartship, and “Wait, you have mounted fans?” I ask motioning to the two fans in the aft corners.

“Those are Tim’s fans,” laughs Erdekian. “He had to have them.”

“You have to circulate a little air, you know?” counters Jackett with a retort that proves his relationship with Erdekian is more than just professional; the pair have become friends. “That of course comes from our sailboat side; on the powerboat side you usually just close the windows and crank up the A/C.” The idea of running a couple of quiet fans each time you got a little warm on the hook—instead of the generator—was a virtue he quickly sold me on.  (Continued here)



Daniel Harding of Power + Motor Yacht met up with Legacy COO and Chief Designer Tim Jackett and proud new owner Vah Erdekian for a test drive off the shores of Jamestown Harbor. He quickly fell in love with this beautiful, well-thought out yacht, designed with meticulous attention to all the details. 

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